• Did you know? "The amount of information retained by students declines substantially after ten minutes." (Thomas, 1972)

    Learniat allows for rapid fire active learning sessions keeping the interest alive.

  • Did you know? "75% of adult students acknowledge that laptops caused distraction in class

    Learniat follows a synchronous learning pedagogy to avoid distraction due to devices.

  • Did you know? "There are 17 unique transactions Learniat can capture in a classroom

    Learniat's Analytics would provide deep insight on each student and teacher performance

Benefits of Learniat

Real time feedback to teacher on teaching style

Shy students don't raise their hands due to peer pressure and frankly teachers have no means to detect how much of the content is really grasped by each of them. Learniat allows mid lecture polling and mid lecture question-answers. Since questions can be created collaboratively in the class with student evaluation on question-creation and question answering the teacher has several means to take feedback while lecturing.

Parents alerted on their child's progress

Learniat captures each student interaction e.g. questions asked by him, responses to teacher's questions, volunteering to answer other student's questions etc. Learniat computes two indices : grasp index and participation index that are maintained separately for each topic for each student. Parents can subscribe to a daily or weekly update of their child's GI and PI for each topic studied. Thus making sure parents are closely following their child's learning progress.

Schools track course content coverage against budgeted time

A lot of times teachers are lagging behind in course coverage without school leaders being aware of, till it is quite late. Some teachers rapidly finish course content towards the end of the academic session, resulting in uneven learning outcomes. Learniat gives the power to school administrators to qualitatively as well as quantitatively track course coverage on a much higher granularity than they can today.

Seamless handover to a new teacher

At times teachers leave due to sudden personal reasons. Or when they fall sick a substitute teacher is called in. In any such absence where overlap with the new teacher is not possible Learniat acts as the perfect bridge. Keeping a complete class log at each student level the new teacher has no difficulty in assessing each student profile against course material coverage. Also since the exact questions asked by students are available on a topic level teachers would know what to expect in the class.

Timetable, attendance, schedule changes seamlessly integrated

Learniat comes with all admin modules needed to register students in classes, schedule classes and assign teachers and rooms from its web application. Allows crucial time savings inside class by taking away administrative work like attendance, notification of time changes, assignment of homework etc. Learniat has sophisticated calendar management for factoring in delays in starting a class by automatically extending the next class of the teacher. Teacher will be able to cancel a class that is scheduled in the future and this is auto updated to all Student Apps.

Alerts to teacher if any student not on task

Since an iPad or any device can be very distracting for students, they may be tempted to switch to other apps like facebook or games while in class. Learniat will immediately alert the teacher if a student switches out of Learniat. The number of times a student switches out is tracked in the Learniat database for future lookup.

How is Learniat different?

Video / content
apps based
Teacher delivers lecture live
Content not needed to be prepared by teacher
Auto attendance
Topic time keeping
Student attention span time keeping
Student volunteering
Volunteer tracking with peer reviews
Student responses to objective questions evaluated limited
Student responses to subjective questions evaluated limited

Learniat has a unique 3 dimensional tracking of each student

Grasp Index

Students are constantly evaluated on their comprehension of each topic and subtopic and this is captured in a cumulative score called the grasp index. The grasp index is available live and in reports and makes sure all, teachers, students, parents are aware of the progress.

Behavior Index

One of the most ignored but important measure of a student's learning are their non-cognitive skills. Factors affecting personal relationships between students and teachers (closeness, affection, and open communication), self-control, self-regulation, persistence, academic confidence, teamwork, organizational skills, creativity, and communication skills are tracked in Learniat by way of Teachers notifying a positive or a negative behaviour through a badge and these badges are accumulated as a Behaviour index for the life of each class. This will motivate students who would then make conscious efforts to improve their non cognitive skills