Why not try it before buying it?

It's free and takes only 30 minutes!

Request a live demo and walk through on all features with a mindshift sales specialist.

We would show you how to create a class seating plan, how the students are joining into pre registered classes, how teacher can engage students using the various methods of questions and answers and how teachers allow students to be able to react to other's queries and some surprise collaborative games.

A demo needs a few iPads and all accounts to be activated from the back end, Hence it is always better to have the demo along with mindshift executives.

Request Demo

It is preferable that you have at least two iPads. if not possible we will arrange multiple logins and then show our side on a screen share.

Please select that applies to you:

We have iPads for each kid already procured
We do not have any plan to procure iPads for each kid this year
We have plans to procure iPads for each kid this year

Our iOS and Web apps

Our iOS apps are designed for IOS 8.0 and above and currently supported only on iPads.