MindShift Applications and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

MindShift Apps is founded by a husband - wife team dedicated to active learning research and development. Learniat is the outcome of a personal passion of the Founders who have been relentlessly researching and ideating around classroom dynamics for more than 3 years. The top problems they have been working on are educator productivity, classroom boredom, shy student and parent disconnect. The personal experience of Sanjay, one of the founder, around workflows and process automation from the service provider world came in handy in moving this skill into his passion area of education. While Sanjay left his corporate life of 25 years in 2015, his wife Rashmi had stepped out of corporate world a few years back to form this company. They are now both focusing on the development and enhancement of this tool full time. There are a small number of developers and a designer - both onsite as well as offshore - who have been helping MindShift bring up the tool using an agile methodology.

The Founders of MindShift