• Are iPads used in your school mostly as electronic backpacks or for consuming multimedia content?

  • Do you think iPads are becoming a distraction for the kids?

  • Do you find it difficult to correlate learning achievement and iPad usage?

  • If you said "Yes" to any one of this, we have the solution.

  • Introducing Learniat !!
    The world's most powerful active learning tool on iPads.

Learniat offers the most comprehensive classroom management functionality on iPads.

  • Get inside the classrooms, Without being there.

    All classroom interactivity is available on the cloud for realtime view

    - Instantly know which lessons are on schedule and which are running late or are being hurriedly covered.
    - Identify topics that need intervention on course material or teaching method.

  • Talk to your kids. Don't ask.

    - Get detailed personalised updates daily from all classes.
    - Armed with this information engage with your children proactively.
    - Pat your child proactively when he/she received a good question badge in any class.
    - Know when to intervene and in which area.

  • Energise your students during the lecture.

    Have you noticed that the same 2-3 students respond to majority of your questions?
    - Get attention of Shy and distracted students.
    - Ask mid lecture question & check individual responses instantaneously.
    - Convert volunteering into a scoring game.
    - See labeling by students on a diagram, instantly.

  • Get up and close to the teacher.

    “Many times I think I know the answer to what the teacher asked. But other classmates always volunteer and answer the question first. I often want to ask a query but never ask due to fear of being ridiculed ” - quote from a student

    With Learniat increase the participation and collaboration among students.
    - The turn to answer will be decided by the participation index of each student.
    - Lower the participation index, higher the chance to volunteer and answer.
    - Ask anonymous doubts without any fear.
    - Collaborate with peers to create questions.

Learniat web application helps set up classes and visualise past progress

  • Get realtime updates on formative assessments ongoing.

    Identify outlier students on grasp or participation, topic wise and classwise.
    Use this information to setup personalised learning plans.

  • Manage all back-end admin work.

    Set up class sessions, seating plans, rooms, time-tables. Pre-register students to their classes saving valuable class time in setting up technology.

  • Add topics, sub topics and questions.

    Four different formats of questions can be loaded - multiple choice, match the columns, Open ended text and Overlay scribble.

  • Analyse responses

    View drill down details of each question down to each student.
    Compare question responses across class and see insightful patterns.

Learniat: a Teacher's cockpit

Managing a large class is a breeze with Learniat. Attention has been paid to pain areas of a 1-1 equipped classroom. In a 1-1 classroom dozens of events happen per minute and the teacher can soon be overwhelmed. Learniat helps keep full control on the class.